Total Ankle Replacement for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Watch here to understand the impact of total ankle replacement.

Posted by Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Institute of South Florida on Sunday, August 6, 2017

Total Ankle Replacement for Degenerative Arthritis

Watch here to see how Dr. Steinlauf helped improve Johnny Brown's quality of life with a total ankle replacement surgery

Posted by Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Institute of South Florida on Sunday, August 6, 2017

Getting our athletes back to peak performance is always very gratifying!

Dr. Steinlauf cares for athletes from multiple local universities including the University of Miami and Nova Southeatern University.  Using the latest technical advances in surgery. Dr. Steinlauf strives to return these young men and women to their sports in a timely and effective manner.

Total Talus Replacement for Avascular Necrosis

Mr. Rios sustained a severe injury to his ankle requiring multiple surgeries.  He eventually underwent a total talus replacement in June of 2018.  This was the first total talus replacement ever performed in South Florida.  He is now recovering beautifully and is getting ready to resume full work duties including running and jumping.  He is able to do so with the assistance of a modern ankle bracing system.

Trimalleolar Fracture

Posted on Google:

“My husband suffered a trimalleolar fracture of his ankle on 2 Jan 2019 and by the second week of February he is able to walk using the boot without the crutches; albeit slowly.

I learned about Dr Steinlauf through a friend of mine and what struck me was that Dr Steinlauf contacted me even before I was able to contact him. Did I mention that we live in the Caribbean? When we arrived at his office on that first morning we did the diagnostic tests and then had the consultation with Dr Steinlauf. He immediately puts us as ease joking about coming to the Caribbean to provide treatment. That was genius! This is a Doctor who understands the importance of connecting with his patients. He took time to explain his findings and he took time to explain his treatment plan. He is very professional and all aspects of the care provided was par excellence. Dr Steinlauf is highly recommended! Thank you so much Dr Steinlauf!

His Office Staff, his Assistant Andrea and the Resident Doctors have all been very warm, courteous and friendly. I can most definitely do a referral without reservation!”

Conversion of Ankle Fusion to Ankle Replacement

This active woman had undergone an arthroscopic ankle fusion by Dr. Steinlauf approximately 10 years ago for end stage arthritis. Approximately 4 years ago she developed progressive pain at the joint below the ankle secondary to subtalar joint arthritis. After years of non-operative treatment, she decided to convert her ankle fusion to a total ankle replacement. She is now enjoying a return to an active lifestyle with less pain and better function.

Below Knee Amputation Restores A Good Quality of Life

Enrique is a remarkable individual who has truly overcome adversity. He sustained trauma to his left foot and ankle and endured years of pain. Despite multiple surgeries, he developed a chronic infection and did not heal. He presented to Dr. Steinlauf in 2018. After reviewing Enrique’s options, Dr. Steinlauf recommended a below knee amputation as the best treatment to improve Enrique’s quality of life. We present Enrique’s story from his perspective.

15 years after Ankle Fusion

William underwent surgery for a severe flat foot and an arthritic ankle 15 years ago.  Since that time he has been very active both in his profession and with sports, including racquetball.